Description: We began our business in order to improve smartphone functionality so that smartphones become an indispensable gadget for information prosumers. The technology that we will use in our business is a lean mmW (millimeter-wave) wireless solution together with a dual screen technique for smartphone-centric file editing and transfers, video streaming, and wireless gaming. We have named our technology “Wise Jet”. Wise Jet is based on a point-to-point mmW wireless technology that follows simple wired interface standards at both ends of the connection. This enables a simplified setting for Gbps wireless connections, which consequently enables simple plug-and-play operation, negligible latency, and, more importantly, low power consumption. Wise Jet has a dual screen function that generates two different image frames from the smartphone: one fills the smartphone screen and the other appears on a separate large screen, e.g. a TV. The dual screen function assists users in editing content in their smartphone, such as document files and video clips, through having the editing tools on the smartphone and mirroring the editing target on the TV. Furthermore, the dual screen function could enable gaming functionality, e.g. transforming the smartphone into a joystick with the TV being the game play screen for wireless gaming. Furthermore, users can enjoy family movies, mobile games, and remote videoconferences on a large screen TV mirrored from the smartphone using Wise Jet. Wise Jet can also be used to create a thin, lightweight headset for virtual reality and to transfer files to other phones or printers without cumbersome Internet access through WiFi or LTE. Once the Wise Jet dongle is integrated as an internal module in smartphones, the last hole, i.e. the MHL or DP port, can be removed from smartphones; then, an aesthetically appealing waterproof smartphone can be realized with Wise Jet.

Industry: IT


Company size: 11-50 employees

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Ownership: Partnership

Founded year: 2015

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