Description: We believe that:• The future of storytelling is deeply immersive• People want more magic and agency in their everyday lives• The line between “story” and “game” will continue to blur• Embodied play is crucial to the evolution of culture, art and technologyWe’re making a platform for consuming, and toolkit for building, mixed reality stories at scale.We define a mixed reality (MR) story as an immersive experience that sits at the intersection of narrative, adventure, and game. MR stories use the real world as a platform. MR’s building blocks include a variety of interactive storytelling techniques. Aconite’s MR toolkit currently supports augmented reality (AR), geolocation, puzzles/game mechanics, messaging, artifacts, and audiovisual media.

Industry: Software


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: 7994858

Headquarter: San Francisco, CA

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: –

Skillset: Augmented Reality, Storytelling, Transmedia, Mixed Reality, Gaming, and Digital Media

Crunchbase profile: –

Funding rounds total: –

Selected investors: –

Location: San Francisco, CA 94107, US