Description: When filmmaking began in the eighteen nineties, viewers could scarcely imagine the potency of the artform being born. The first films were likened to magic tricks, to be viewed at carnivals and in five cent theaters. The first creators only touched on the potential depth of the artform. Virtual Reality is in this era today. As the medium grows and begins to be consumed by general audiences, we have only explored the very surface of what is possible in VR as a narrative artform. Construct Studio has seen the potential for Virtual Reality as a powerful storytelling medium, capable of art on the same level as film and the greatest video games. With this in mind we have formed Construct Studio, a Virtual Reality content creation studio focused on the creation of interactive narrative pieces. We have focused our productuction goals in a few key areas-1. Interactive StorytellingInspired by the the work of the greatest narrative games and Interactive Fiction, Construct Studio plans to bring mature interactive narrative to Virtual Reality. 2. Story through ExperienceVirtual Reality is the perfect medium to play with environmental storytelling, and narrative that emerges through interaction, rather than dialog. We value fun, immersive interaction, and shy away from using interactions as toys and gimmicks, preferring to expand the world the player exists in. 3. Presence and PerspectivesBuilding from what we learned with Imago, the first person nature of Virtual Reality is ripe for bringing people into new environments and having them experience new perspectives and realities. With these guiding principles in mind we have some exciting projects coming down the line. We are just beginning to wade into the depths of VR storytelling. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or this blog, and see how deep we can go.

Industry: Entertainment


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: –

Headquarter: San Francisco, CA

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2016

Skillset: Virtual Reality, Game Design, Augmented Reality, VR, AR, Simulation, Software, Hardware, Tool Development, Game Development, Games, Experiences, Location Based Entertainment, LBE, AI, Content, Storytelling, Interactive, Narrative, Writing, Sound Design, Music Composition, VERA, Platform, Serious Gaming, Computer Graphics, CG, Unity, Maya, Material Design, Character Design, Educational, Historical, PreViz, Previsualization, ArchViz, Architectural Visualization, Medical Simulation, and Military Simulation

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Funding rounds total: 1

Selected investors: –

Location: San Francisco, CA 94103, US