Description: Cyberith is an Austrian start-up, founded in February 2014 by Tuncay Cakmak and Holger Hager. It specializes in Virtual Reality Hardware with its first product being the Virtualizer. The Virtualizer is an award-winning Virtual Reality device that allows users to walk through any kind of virtual environments in real-time, using their own body movement. It does so by combining a low-friction principle and high precision sensors with a special mechanical construction, resulting in a new form of omni-directional treadmill. In order to cover all necessary movements for an immersive Virtual Reality experience you are able to walk, run, strafe, jump, crouch and sit while inside the Virtualizer. The Virtualizer consists of three main parts: The pillars, the base plate and the ring-construction. When stepping inside the Virtualizer, the user is secured by a harness that is connected to the ring-construction. The inner ring of the ring-construction is movable through 360°. The integrated sensors pick up the position of the ring at any time, allowing the user to turn in every direction. The ring-construction itself is connected to the pillars via angled bars. The integrated sensors inside the pillars pick up the vertical position of the ring construction, making it possible to translate crouching and jumping directly into the software. By sliding his feet over the base plate the user controls the horizontal movement of his in-game avatar. This is possible due to integrated sensors inside the base plate and the applied low-friction principle: the material of the base plate meets a specific friction-coefficient that allows the user to slide over the base plate effortlessly.

Industry: Hardware


Company size: 11-50 employees

XRD rank: 3751292

Headquarter: Vienna, Vienna

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2014

Skillset: Gaming, Virtual Reality, Startup, immersive, and Virtualizer

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Funding rounds total: 3

Selected investors: –

Location: Vienna, Vienna 1030, AT