Description: Daden are one of the UK’s oldest and most experienced 3D immersive experience companies with over 10 years in 3D data visualisation, immersive learning, natural language and artificial intelligence. Our experiences and expertise in immersive 3D has been gained by creating immersive worlds and data visualisation technologies for government departments, city and local councils, educators, health providers and private sector organisations worldwide. That experience of 3D immersive data visualisation is now embedded in our Trainingscapes and DatascapeVR products. DatascapeVR allows users to create immersive visualisations directly from raw data in 360 degree 3D on the desktop and exporting to a web page and mobile VR devices. We are working with support for other VR headsets, and other 3D immersive worlds such as AltSpaceVR. Where needs exist beyond what can be done with DatascapeVR we offer short consultancy engagements with our specialists, who can develop custom implementations of DatascapeVR, or applications based on its core technology for individual needs. More information visit our website www. datascape. comTrainingscapes are 3D immersive virtual reality environments that offer unique settings to support learning, training and education and are suitable for student education and employee training. Accessible from normal PC screens, mobile devices or VR headsets the exercises and scenarios can be as realistic as they need to be. Realism is increased by integrating media, such as video’s, audio, photos, maps and real life data and dimensions, with virtual characters. More information visit our website www. daden. co. uk.

Industry: IT


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: –

Headquarter: Holt Street, Birmingham

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2004

Skillset: Training, Immersive learning, E-Learning, Mobile learning, Virtual Learning, Scenario based training, Immersive Visual Analytics, Big Data, Visual Analytics, Data Visualisation, Security management, Social Media, 3D built environment, dataviz, Virtual reality, and VR Data

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