Description: We help make your team’s success inevitable. We partner with leaders and help them accomplish their most important goals.We help teams break free of the the hidden dynamics that hold them back from operating at their highest potential. The work we do plays at the intersection of science, psychology, leadership coaching and applied improvisation. By creating experiences where people can be open and authentic, teams are able to unearth the group dynamics keeping them from performing their best and design new processes that create the results they want.____Event Facilitation: Creating transformational online eventsWe design and facilitate online experiences that are fun, sophisticated, and build real relationships in the virtual space.Online and in-person events provide invaluable networking opportunities and build the cohesiveness of effective teams, yet they’ve been wiped from the calendar for the foreseeable future.____Team Leadership and Executive Coaching: Create the infrastructure your team needs to perform at their highest levelTeam Leadership and Executive CoachingCreate the infrastructure your team needs to perform at their highest levelOur approach leverages applied improvisation with science, psychology, and coaching to create the team dynamics necessary to reach your most important goals. It reveals the default patterns of a group’s dynamics and retrains people on how to be together so they can operate at their highest level. The genius of applied improvisation is that it requires communication, collaboration, and the ability to hear, respond, and adapt to what’s in front of you. ____Augmented and Virtual Reality FacilitationIf you’re looking or new modalities to bring people together in a remote world, our team will partner with you and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible so you can create an experience your people will remember.Let’s get on a call? Book here:

Industry: Events


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: –

Headquarter: New York

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2013

Skillset: Events Facilitator, Leadership Coaching, Team Leadership Coaching, Online Events Facilitator, and Executive Coaching

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Funding rounds total: –

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Location: New York, US