Description: Our use cases in Public Policy and work for the UNDP and World Bank are important to one of our driving philosophies: We have to make better data-driven decisions in Enterprise and Government to solve the world’s greatest challenges. It seems we have found a ‘hole in the universe’ as a data storytelling tool. The unique problem we solve is that data is hard to present well, and data analytics and visualization tools have been focused on the analyst and scientist end-user, instead of on the large audience of data consumers. How can we engage our audiences to make better data-driven decisions? How can we make data exciting, especially in Zoomed-out times of COVID? PowerPoint dumbs down everything, and then we wonder why decisions are made without an understanding of both the details and the big-picture context.XR is an important part of the puzzle, but not the most important part: more important is solving a problem, and then XR is the most powerful experience, but not required. Enterprise needs to be practical and we ‘lead the horse to water, not dunk its head in.”The solution can’t be just using more data in PowerPoint on Zoom, because it lacks interactivity and context. Nor XR with just avatars, because meaningful conversation content goes deeper than post-it notes and flat slides.Flow solves the problem by providing a meeting and content system for targeted use-cases, templatized for rapid creation, browser-based for ease-of-adoption across devices, with spatial computing for presence and intuitive interaction, using data and diagrams for data-driven decision-making.

Industry: Software


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: 1640537

Headquarter: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2016

Skillset: AR, enterprise software, big data, data visualization, WebXR, SaaS, data stories, data storytelling, Magic Leap, and remote collaboration

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Funding rounds total: –

Selected investors: –

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US