Description: Every year in France, an estimated 150,000 people suffer a cerebrovascular accident (stroke), i.e. 1 stroke every 4 minutes. It can strike at any time of life and at any age, including the youngest among us. Approximately 25% of victims are under 65 years old and there are 500 to 1000 childhood strokes per year in France. One of the most common after-effects of stroke is hemiplegia: a paralysis that affects half of the body, on the right or left depending on the area of the brain affected. More than 80% of stroke victims have damage to an upper limb (shoulder, arm, hand). Rehabilitation is therefore essential to give patients every chance of recovering the impaired functions.Mirror therapy is a known rehabilitation method based on brain plasticity and visual illusion improving the motor function of the upper limb. In spite of its effectiveness, this method is little practiced because it is often considered long and boring by patients . As commitment and willingness are key factors in the rehabilitation process, it is essential to keep patients motivated so that they can work their affected limb effectively and daily for several months, several years or even for life. H’ability is the first playful virtual reality solution for people with hemiplegia, specially designed to facilitate and make accessible to all the rehabilitation of daily life at home.We offer a platform made up of several virtual reality mini-games on various themes (adventure, action, strategy, sport…) through which the patient can challenge himself every day.

Industry: Medical Devices


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: –

Headquarter: Troyes

Ownership: Partnership

Founded year: 2018

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Location: Troyes, FR