Description: Imagination Park Entertainment is a new project accelerator uniquely specializing in acquiring, producing and packaging film and virtual reality projects.First a quick story . . .11:23am – Office boardroom tableIn the middle of the table was the first Virtual Reality headset I had ever seen.”Go ahead, put it on” instructed the guest we had in the office.I put on the high-tech ski goggles and was instantly in a movie theatre.Seriously, I was really in the movie theatre, complete with popcorn rustling and sporadic coughs from other movie goers. I could completely turn around and see everyone around me.Up on the big screen a show was playing and by adjusting the controls on the headset I could change the content or the style of my surroundings.I only had ONE comment . . .This is going to be HUGE.Imagination Park is a metaphor for your creative mind. IP is your intellectual property.We are exploring new ways to bring quality, socially conscious entertainment to a hungry audience. We have the passion, the people and the projects to wildly succeed.My first experience with VR (Virtual Reality) was enough for me to glimpse the endless possibilities ahead – now it’s your turn . . .Together with an advanced team of special effects superstars, I believe we have a very competitive advantage in this emerging market space.I invite you to follow us on our journey. I believe this will be an exhilarating experience for you to witness the birth of this game-changing technology and to experience The Company pioneer new forms of entertainment.

Industry: Entertainment


Company size: 1-10 employees

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Ownership: Public Company

Founded year: 2015

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