Description: iQagent is an award winning mobile app that offers a Practical Augmented Reality view of your manufacturing plant floor by identifying Points Of Interest (POIs) using QR Codes. When POIs are scanned with the iQagent Mobile App, users instantly view live data, schematics, technical resources and URLs relevant to the associated equipment.With iQagent, your plant or manufacturing floor becomes a data rich environment where users have instant access to relevant live, historical and resource data based on where they are in the plant. With iQagent on your mobile tablet device, POI data can be viewed on the plant floor, in a meeting, during a casual hallway conversation with colleagues, even at home as long as you have a connection to your plants network.Our patented Holistic Display and Recording feature captures the mobile device display as you record video of the issue, overlaid with live process data from your HMI or PLC, schematics, parts lists and user annotations directly on the screen, complete with audio. The resulting mp4 video can be emailed to off-site support for quick analysis and problem resolution. Remote support personnel can analyze the problem and recommend solutions quickly, just as if they were on-site.We have two corporate office locations in Alpharetta, Georgia and Odessa, Florida. Find out how iQagent can help streamline your processes to save you time and money.

Industry: IT


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: 2148073

Headquarter: Alpharetta, GA

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2014

Skillset: Practical Augmented Reality, Process Data, Snapshot/Screen Recording, File Management, Downtime Management, Wireless Streaming, Holistic Display and Recording, QR Codes, System Automation, Live Data, RFID, SCADA, PLC, and HMI

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