Description: Offering Consultancy and Contracting services for Architecture and Development of Online Platforms with fit-for-purpose Solutions.Frontend::: Javascript ES5/ES6 :: NodeJS :: WebSockets:: Specialised on React (Redux/MobX) and VueJS (VueX):: JS Functional, Asynchronous and Typescript:: Data-Driven Interactive Graphics – SVG, Raphaël and D3.js:: 3D Visualisation and 3D Animation: Three.js and WebGL.:: Augmented reality on the browser: WebXR (WebAR and WebVR):: User Interface (UI) – Mobile-first, Atomic Design:: Accessibility WCAG 2.0 – ISO/IEC 40500 – a11y, pa11y, koa11y:: Skilful on CSS/SCSS – dynamic banners, multiple devices browsersFullstack:: NodeJS and Serverless/Microservices:: Apache, NGINX, GraphQL and REST APIs:: Relational: SQL, MySQL (Oracle certified), PostGreSQL:: Object Oriented DB: MongoDB, CouchBase and Key-Value databases:: Cloud Storage: Amazon AWS (RDS, DynamoDB) and Google Firebase:: PHP (Zend Engineer), Perl and Python scriptingArchitecture :: AWS, Docker, CI/CD:: AWS Software Architect Associate:: Server Side Rendering (SSR), Single Page Application (SPA):: Progressive Web App (PWA), Multiplatform Mobile Apps:: CI/CD pipelines, Docker/Kubernetes, Cloud formationScripting, Scientific Computing and Machine Learning:: Python – NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, scikit-learning:: Python – AI and Machine Learning – Tensorflow/Keras, PyTorch:: HPC – Parallel Computing – CUDA, C, OpenAcc, FortranServers, Network and DataCentre management::: AWS Software Architect Associate (certified):: Linux Certified Engineer (RedHat RHEL):: Microsoft Certified Engineer (MCSE, MCSA, MCT):: DevOps – CI/CD pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud FormationIT Service, IT Project Management and AGILE certified::: Agile SAFe POPM – Product Owner / Product Manager (certified):: ITILv3 Foundation and ISO20000 Practitioner:: PRINCE2 and MSP Practitioner

Industry: Software


Company size: 0-1 employees

XRD rank: –

Headquarter: Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2007

Skillset: Javascript ES6, PHP, SQL, Linux, Python, WebGL, Data Driven Online Graphics, and User eXperience

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Funding rounds total: –

Selected investors: –

Location: –