Description: The music industry is renowned for adopting the very latest technology. Often this technology dramatically alters the way that music is consumed.NYXVX builds upon and utilises currently available bleeding edge technology to enable fans to experience and interact with their favourite bands live, ANYWHERE..By combining live band performances, video streaming, gaming and VR, NYXVX creates a unique live, interactive and engaging experience for fans wherever they choose to view.The core of NYXVX is advanced gaming technology, which fuses sound, video, motion & sensory engagement from the performers and the audience, delivering a new and immersive experience.The NYXVX platform enables bands to create any stage setting and visual effects that they can imagine for their performance, while also including their choice of interactions with their fans. Fans are able to engage and interact with the band and their wider audience not only as if they are at the live event, but with VR, additional unprecedented experiences are made possible.At the core of the NYXVX experience are fan and band interactions. These interactions are custom designed from individual dance moves, fan group interactions through to whole audience engagements and interactions that can trigger audience-wide events and special effects. Likewise, the entire scene, stage and auditorium environment can be interactive and reflect the band image, style and performance.The NYXVX platform transports fans into a custom designed, live-concert environment, themed by the band and their creative team.An added feature is creative artistic contribution. The gaming model of NYXVX enables artists and designers to contribute and present their custom works and designs onto our platform. Each individual song can draw from a vast library of visuals, backgrounds, and custom interactions. Fans can separately be transported on custom camera paths with interactions creating yet another experience.

Industry: IT


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: –

Headquarter: London

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2019

Skillset: Remote music recording, Stage VR, Music VR, Remote concerts, Venue VR, VR Concerts, VR Music, VR Bands, Fan interaction, Fan engagement, Fan VR, Band VR, VR Bands, VR Music experiences, VR Band Experiences, VR Concert Experiences, VR recording experiences, VR Stage Experiences, VR Venue Experiences, VR Music interactions, VR Concert Interactions, VR Venue Interactions, VR Band Images, VR Band Performances, Band Avatars, Group Avatars, Performer Avatars, Rock Band Avatars, VR Special Effects, remote events, VR events, VR music events, VR music experiences, VR event experiences, VR concert experiences, Live VR events, Live VR music, and Live VR concerts

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Funding rounds total: –

Selected investors: –

Location: London, GB