Description: Pantomime Corporation, with headquarters in Sebastopol, California, was founded in April 2014 by virtual reality pioneer Dr. David Levitt and Don Hopkins, core programmer for the most successful PC game franchise in history, The Sims. Pantomime Corporation’s revolutionary virtual reality software technology turns any tablet, smart phone or computer into a portal into shared virtual worlds — headgear optional. Pantomime™ lets any mobile user visit shared worlds, reach in, and interact. A tablet or smartphone becomes a gyro-solid 3D VR paddle with a beautiful screen – more powerful and accurate than any game controller you can buy – disruptively unleashed in hardware a billion people already have. Pantomime is a new 21st century virtual reality that embraces ubiquitous computing. It turns VR inside out by including all the computing and mobile devices around us in networked virtual worlds – instead of insisting users wear special clothing or buy new hardware. And for virtual reality headset experiences, Pantomime lets users reach in and interact instead of just look around. Pantomime thus lifts the key barriers to mass adoption of virtual reality by consumers: easy access, reaching in, sharing, and mobility. Pantomime won the Launch Silicon Valley World Cup Challenge 2014 in the Digital Media / Mobile category. The firm was granted its first patent, Methods for Real-Time Navigation and Display of Virtual Worlds, for its unique methods of reaching into virtual worlds and displaying augmented reality scenes with mobile devices. Pantomime will release its first app, Pantomime Playground, in spring 2015. Video of the technology can be found here: http://pantomimecorp. com/pantomime-technology/

Industry: Software


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: –

Headquarter: Sebastopol, CA

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2014

Skillset: interactive virtual reality, virtual reality, mobile games, and augmented reality

Crunchbase profile:

Funding rounds total: 1

Selected investors: –

Location: Sebastopol, CA 95472, US