Description: Geospatial Intelligence & Urban-Rural Computing Lab.We bring space down to Earth blending technologies to create deep-tech Geospatial data-driven Earth Digital Twins, a useful solution for innovative applications.Our technologies: Space Technology (Earth Observation, GNSS & SatCom data), Digital Fabrication (additive manufacture, CNC, Lasers), 3D systems (Computer Vision, Extended, Mixedc, Virtual Reality, Holograms), IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Geospatial data analytics.We develope and implement innovative projects, such as Smart Office tools, for public and private institutions and organizations.The core platform unlocks an extensive service offering and our commercialization strategy is to exploit scalable SaaS (Software as a Service), Mapping as a Service (MaaS), DaaS (Data as a Service) and GIaaS (Geospatial-Intelligence as a Service) business models.Our main products, HAToM Platform and HAToM Ecosystem are a useful tool for Smart Cities, Smart Regions, Smart Rural projects, Security and Rescue corps, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Management, Internet-of-Things applications, Natural Resources management and monitoring, Natural Parcs management, Ski stations, etc.As an Earth Digital Twin, we can reproduce any part of our planet, blending digital and physical information, combining not just different technologies, but a multi-source data tool, as a result, we have a deep-tech immersive and interactive platform that allows us to get a bird’s eye view of a site and situation, even in real-time. We are alumni of the European Space Agency BIC-Barcelona and members of the international network of Digital Fabrication Laboratories of the CBA-MIT.

Industry: IT


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: –

Headquarter: Castelldefels, Barcelona

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2013

Skillset: Space Technology, Earth Observation, Geospatial Data, Computer Vision, Smart City, Smart Rural, IoT, Innovation, Science, geospatial intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, 3D Topographic models, Digital Fabrication, Additive Manufacture, Smart Regions, Analytics, Mixed Reallity, Augmented Reallity, Urban Computing, Digital Twins, Earth Digital Twin, Geospatial Intelligence, and Data-driven

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