Description: About us: Founded in 2013 with $26. 6M in VC funding to date, uSens is a team of researchers, engineers and other professionals passionate about building interactive and immersive computer-vision tracking solutions for augmented and virtual reality. We offer decades of domain experience in 3D HCI technology, computer vision, and artificial intelligence acquired at companies like Apple, Samsung and Intel. We work with AR/VR headset manufactures, developers, and a range of forward-thinking technology companies to fulfill our mission of enabling everyone to interact with technology with the most natural and intuitive interaction tool we have – our hands. Our pioneering inside-out, 26DOF (degrees of freedom) hand tracking technology, complete with hardware and SDK, brings true presence to ARVR devices so users can interact with virtual objects using their bare hands. Our mobile inside-out 6DOF positional tracking solution (SLAM) is designed from the ground up for mobile AR/VR devices using advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques. Why us?We’re a vibrant start-up in Silicon Valley working on the most cutting-edge Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality technology. Our team is passionate about the work we’re doing and excited about being pioneers in creating the technology that will power the next generation of Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality headsets. Working for a small start-up, you’ll have the freedom and space to develop your talents and be part of a creative team, innovating together. uSens is a family; as part of our team, you’ll discover that we always have each others backs because our success as a company is measured in terms of every team member’s success. Apply today and see why uSens is where you should be!

Industry: Software


Company size: 51-200 employees

XRD rank: 8781078

Headquarter: San Jose, CA

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2014

Skillset: Natural 3D Human Computer Interaction, Gesture Recognition and Interaction, Virtual Reality, Fingo Virtual Touch, Augmented Reality, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, Hardware, Position Tracking, Mobile, and PC

Crunchbase profile:

Funding rounds total: 4

Selected investors: Fosun RZ Capital

Location: San Jose, CA 95134, US