Description: At VR Now, our goal is to take the best in virtual reality (VR) technology and bring it to you. Right now, it’s difficult for the general public to wrap their heads around what virtual reality is. Most people have seen the commercials of users placing this weird looking headset-thing on their head and reacting in complete astonishment. The whole concept of VR is to immerse the user in an entirely different place from where they currently are. For example, if you place the headset on in your living room, you should be able to feel like you transported to a completely new location. The technology is rapidly developing, and there are a lot of different options to try VR. There are several different types of headsets and content out there to buy, but not everything is of the same quality. It would be a waste of your time and money to experience low quality VR because it feels fake and not entirely immersive. On top of that, the only VR experiences available are one-dimensional, meaning it’s the same thing every time, and you would get bored of it very quickly. There’s really not much to do once you’ve done it once. It’s not worth your money to buy one outright. However, for most people, those low quality VR experiences are the only ones that are affordable. Plus, the high quality VR products are way overpriced, especially for someone who may simply want to try VR for a short time just to see what it’s like. This is where VR Now comes in. VR Now has selected the top of the line products to let you experience the best virtual reality content out there for a price that you can afford. Rather than having to buy the expensive VR headset, VR-compatible computer, AND VR content, you can have us come to your house party, corporate event, etc., and we can set up our VR equipment for you. You can play games, tour different parts of the world, or watch short films.

Industry: Entertainment


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: –

Headquarter: Dallas, Texas

Ownership: Partnership

Founded year: 2016

Skillset: Virtual Reality and Entertainment

Crunchbase profile: –

Funding rounds total: –

Selected investors: –

Location: –