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System integrators

We work with big clientele and looking for system integrators able to lead and control ambitious transformational projects based on emerging technologies


We happy to expand into markets where local companies have established and strong roots and where we can do more together

XR Developers

Our jedi bizdev team always hungry for non-standard projects that able to advance partnerships to a high-impact positive consequences and win-win outcomes


Our solutions are forward-thinking and require access to the latest breakthroughs of commercial 5G networks across the world, so we welcome telecom companies to join our ambitious plans


Our roadmap and plans are set for a long-standing leader positions, so we happy to join forces with investment firms which believe that money isn't the major resource to move forward and transform the world


We happy to share extraordinary and high-profile case studies as well as recent news with relevant media who's audience looking into latest MedTech info (of course we are not limited to it)