AR Telemedicine

AR Telemedicine product is designed for remote consultation, to help to plan and execute surgical procedures, as well as for remote post-operative monitoring using holograms.

It enables surgeons to be remotely connected to the process of planning and performing surgery despite the fact they are geographically separated.

AR Telemedicine Benefits

When it comes to telehealthcare, we all know it is cost and time-effective, it is on-demand for customers and it is just better

Cost and time-effective

No need to travel for both doctors and patients, just plug in and you are ready to go

On-demand and online

Put the headset on, connect to a shared AR space, invite your colleagues in under 2 sec, consult and treat.

Immersive and real-time

Augmented reality and next-gen networks enebles advanced holographic visualization and almost no latency while connected over thousands of miles

Advanced tools under your fingertips

We know exactly what tools and data formats you need while taking telemedicine session (texts, video, holograms, anatomy, clinical cases libraries and many more)

Experience next level of telemedicine,
have a look at it by yourself