Augmented reality
(AR) surgery

AR Surgery is designed for planning and executing surgical procedures as well as for postoperative control
Augmented Reality Surgery

AR Surgery Benefits

We are setting up new standard of medical imaging, surgical navigation and virtual collaboration

Next-level medical imaging

AR headsets, such as Microsoft Hololens 2 and Magic Leap allows for advanced depth perception and visualization, using 3D imaging in a form of holographic models, that can be easily and safely placed and adjusted over the patient body.
Our solution is providing access to never before available opportunities, like zooming into parts, changing viewpoints, rotating the imagery, modifying the transparency, measuring tissues and many more

Advanced surgical navigation

Superimposing holograms to human body carry out a way better method of intra-operative guidance. It can reduce the risk of complications and improve the safety and quality of surgeries.

On top of that, AR surgical navigation display anatomical risk materials, tumors and blood vessels, which might add critical information for surgeon's consideration

Virtual collaboration in AR

Connecting with your colleagues over the distance in augmented reality brings interactivity, safety, faster decision-making and increased memory retention.

While being thousands of kilometers apart, you still can collaborate in real-time, advise over the distance to less experiences colleagues and even provide clinical expersise on demand (remote consultation during surgery execution).

Maxillofacial and oral surgery

The jaw surgery with congenital deformities of both jaws


Surgical procedure for tensioned posterior dislocation of the left shoulder

Recontructive procedures

Surgical intervention to restore pelvic component with migration of the endoprosthesis cup

Perfect choice for different medical specialties

We have been successfully testing and validating our solution across traumatology, maxillofacial and oral surgery, as well as utilizing it in reconstruction procedures
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