Augmented reality (AR) training

Augmented reality (AR) training brings interactivity and engagement, reduce cognitive barriers, and allows for superimposing holograms over the natural objects
ar training

AR Training Features

The augmented reality module is designed to practice hands-on skills and surgical manipulations for students and surgeons undergoing continuing education courses in surgery.

Clinical cases library

Traumatology cases for hips and shoulders and more to come

Holograms library

Includes sets of holograms for each clinical case, split into surgery stages

Digital mannequins

Holographic dummies and phantoms, which might be used instead of physical ones.

Virtual “patient cards`` and treatment protocols

Have all crucial information in your field of view and strictly follow treatment protocols

Hologram tools

Resize and rotate holograms, create pinned and favourite lists, view and play video files and 2d files, superimpose holograms over digital of physical dummies

Hologram library for surgical tools

Specific sets of surgical tools for every separate procedure

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Your mixed reality toolset

Emerging technologies to fit your needs

Mixed reality headset

Hololens 2, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest, Vive Focus

4G/5G network

At least mobile network is required

Tactile gloves

We support several vendors at the moment (ask us)

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AR surgery in your hospital or university?